Gratitude Toolkit

Gratitude Toolkit

Sometimes it takes something as unimaginable as a global pandemic to draw our attention to the many reasons we have for being thankful. In the spirit of the season, ABGC invites Diplomates and members of the genetic counseling community to share messages of support, love and gratitude with the most special people in their lives. 

To help get things started, we’ve created a variety of graphics to enhance email messages and brighten social media channels, and crafted some sample messages for inspiration.

Wishes of peace, joy and gratitude to all.

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Sample Messages

Sample Email Messages 
Example 1: Being thankful in turbulent times can be challenging. But being grateful for the many gifts and kindnesses that you share with me comes easily.  

Example 2: 2021 has been a challenging year for all, and I really cannot express in words how much your support/help/assistance means to me. With the holidays almost here, my gratitude for your support cannot be overstated. 

Sample Social Media Messages
Twitter: 2021 has not been an easy year, but the support of friends, colleagues and the #GCchat community has made it easier. Thank you.

LinkedIn: Personally and professionally we’ve all adapted to new realities in 2021. Through it all, the genetic counseling community has provided great support. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2022 for all.

Sample Message of Appreciation to a Team
Dear Team Members, 

Before we find ourselves immersed in the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holidays, I wanted to take time to thank each of you for your hard work and dedication. Given the myriad challenges we have faced this year, collaborating with this team has made work more enjoyable and gratifying. 

I hope that each of you finds time to relax this holiday season, and be grateful for the abundance of good in our lives.

It is an honor to be part of this team!

All the best—