Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask a Certified Genetic Counselor

It is important that you come prepared for a genetic counseling appointment so that your certified genetic counselor can better focus on your concerns, provide you the most accurate risk assessment and help you get the most out of your appointment.

  • Collect information about your family medical history
  • Collect your own medical records
  • Bring results of other genetic tests (yours or family members), if applicable
  • Write down a list of questions and concerns

Information to Help You Prepare

  • Questions to Ask About a Diagnosed Inherited Condition

    Questions to ask about a diagnosed inherited condition

    • What causes the condition?
    • What are the symptoms of the condition?
    • Does it run in families?
    • How likely is it that my children will develop the condition?
    • Will the condition get better or worse over time?
    • How is the condition treated?
    • Is there a cure for the condition?
    • Can I lower the chance of getting the condition?
    • Where can I learn more about the condition?
  • Questions to Ask About Genetic Testing

    Questions to ask about genetic testing

    • Can genetic testing tell me for sure whether or not I have the condition?
    • Can genetic testing be used to learn who in my family will develop the condition?
    • Why should I have genetic testing?
    • Are there disadvantages to having genetic testing?
    • How accurate is the genetic test?
    • How will I pay for the genetic test?
    • Is my chance for getting an inherited condition high enough to warrant genetic testing?
    • How is genetic testing done?
    • How long will it take for me to receive the results of genetic testing?
    • Who will give me the results of my genetic test and how will I receive the results?
    • Should I share genetic test results with members of my family?
  • Questions to Ask About a Condition in a Family Member

    Questions about a condition in a family member

    • Could I develop a condition if my relative has it?
    • If I have a condition, are my family members at risk of getting it?
    • If I don’t have the condition, can I still pass it on to my children?
    • If I don’t have the condition, should my brother/sister still get tested?
    • Can I get the condition from being around somebody who has it?
  • Questions to Ask About Future Care

    Questions about the future

    • Could I or my family face discrimination based on genetic information?
    • How will a diagnosis affect my health or life insurance?
    • Where can I go for a second opinion?
    • Should I schedule another appointment with you?
    • What organizations can help me connect with other people affected by this condition?
    • How can I learn more about research into this condition?