Live Remote Proctoring Available for Aug. 2020

Live Remote Proctoring Approved for ABGC’s August 2020 Examination

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ABGC Board of Directors are pleased to announce the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) has approved ABGC to offer live remote proctoring for the August examination. ABGC is working with PSI Services (PSI) on implementation with the goal of having this service available to candidates by August 1, 2020, when the administration opens.

Processes and Procedures
There are three steps for candidates to follow for the live remote proctoring:

  • Apply
    • Candidates who elect to take the American Board of Genetics Examination with a live remote proctor should apply by using the guidelines explained in the Exam Bulletin.
    • Be accepted and granted Active Candidate Status
  • Schedule Your Apointment
    • When the candidate schedules their examinations she/he will be presented with the option of taking the exam in a testing center or taking the test using a live remote proctor.
    • If you have previously scheduled an examination appointment, a separate communication will be sent to you from PSI with instructions on how to change your administration format should you wish to do so.

About Live Remote Proctoring
Remotely proctored candidates will have a live proctor confirm the testing environment and who will be able to view and listen during your full testing session. Proctors will have the ability to chat with candidates and/or provide warnings during the session.
To successfully schedule and sit for a live remote proctored session, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an email with instructions for logging into the PSI online system.

  • Have a laptop or computer with a webcam and microphone, with the ability to download a secure browser.

  • Provide a quiet and private room that is well-lit, uncluttered and free from any distracting background noise.

    • Please note, no one else will be allowed in the room during the examination period.

  • Ability to scan your entire testing environment with your webcam for your assigned proctor, including a scan of your keyboard and on top of and under the desk where your computer rests.

Exam Check In, Launch and Completion

  • When you login, a PSI test administrator will greet you and take you through the check in process, including presenting your photo ID to the web cam.

  • All exam restrictions for test center appointments apply to live remote proctoring as well (e.g., no food or drink, no cell phones, etc.). Exam restrictions are outlined in the Exam Bulletin.

  • Once the exam is complete, your score report will appear on screen and will be sent to your registered email address so that you can download a copy of your score report via a secured email program. For more information on how a live remote proctoring session works view PSI’s video. PSI has support available 24/7 via phone, email or chat.

Live Remote Proctoring Infractions
As with the appointments in a testing center, there are actions and behaviors that are not allowed during a live remote proctored appointment.  Some examples of these include:

  • Creates a disturbance, is abusive, or otherwise uncooperative;

  • Displays and/or uses electronic communications equipment such as pagers, cellular/smart phones;

  • Talks or participates in conversation with other examination candidates;

  • Gives or receives help or is suspected of doing so;

  • Leaves the Test Center or exits the camera view during the administration;

  • Attempts to record examination questions;

  • Attempts to take the examination for someone else;

  • Is observed with personal belongings; or

  • Is observed with notes, books or other aids without it being noted on the roster.

Testing Center Process
For individuals taking the exam in a testing center, please confirm requirements to ensure compliance with any COVID-19 procedures. PSI will allow individuals to bring and use personal gloves and face masks (they will not be provided by PSI). Face masks will need to be removed momentarily while the system takes the candidate’s photo which is printed on the score report. Currently, PSI is not taking temperatures of examinees.
For additional information on the American Board of Genetics Examination, please review the Exam Bulletin or contact ABGC staff at [email protected]. For additional questions and answers regarding live remote proctoring, click here.