Why Get Certified?

Why Get Certified?

Why get certifiedIn short, certification opens doors. The Certified Genetic Counselor (CGC®) credential from ABGC is the gold standard in the genetic counseling profession. Most employers require their genetic counselors to be certified. In states that require genetic counselors have a license to practice, the CGC is an essential component for obtaining a license. The CGC provides assurances to the public, employers, and colleagues that the certificate holder has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to enter professional practice.

Common Questions

  • AGBC Certified Genetic Counselor Credential

    Who recognizes ABGC Certification?

    The CGC® credential is recognized and used by employers, licensing boards, third-party payers and the public to identify genetic counselors who have attained credibility and value as a health care professional with specific knowledge and skills.

    What that means is that employers may require genetic counselors to be ABGC certified as a condition of employment and that some insurance companies will require people to have genetic counseling by a CGC prior to genetic testing as a condition of coverage. Additionally, almost half of all states in the US require a license to practice. The primary requirement of licenses to practice is that practitioners are ABGC certified.

  • Certification Requirements

    Is certification required?

    Not everywhere. ABGC certification is required by almost half of all 50 states as part of the requirements to qualify for a license to practice as a genetic counselor. For a list of all states currently issuing a license to practice visit the NSGC website.