Designed to help Certified Genetic Counselors (CGCs®) advance their careers, ABGC’s Leadership Education Advancement Development (LEAD) Academy offers online training programs focused on building leadership skills. 

ABGC has partnered with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) to offer world-class online learning at special pricing available only to ABGC Diplomates. Since their founding in 1970, CCL’s mission has been to advance the understanding, practice, and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide.

Fundamental Four: 
The Four Skills Every Leader Needs To Be Successful

New Course Dates Coming in 2024 

Price: $550.00
Each four-week online course is open to CGCs only and limited to 25 participants on a first-come, first-served basis to ensure optimal peer-to-peer learning.

Leaders at different levels of the organization face different business challenges, but there are four fundamental leadership skills needed at each. These skills are considered fundamental because they cannot be delegated. Leaders have to be able to develop these components themselves.
CCL developed these four competencies based on the Leader Development Roadmap, an organizing framework that identifies different leadership levels. After examining their extensive library of competencies; interviewing different researchers, thought leaders, and practitioners about the competencies in each level; and vetting, sorting, and deciding at which level each of the competencies would fit, CCL determined that four competencies were essential regardless of leader level: Self-Awareness, Learning Agility, Influence, and Communication.
This four-week online skills development program uses CCL’s time-tested approach to leadership development to help genetic counselors build these competencies using interactive training and real-world practice and application. The course includes a kick-off meeting, a midpoint facilitated discussion, a wrap-up meeting, and many resources for deeper dives throughout—including some assessments completed by yourself and colleagues.

Program Outcomes

"Working through this course allowed me to recognize both internal and external leadership qualities and techniques I can use to improve my role as a genetic counselor. I was able to easily apply the things I learned during the course to my day to day life not just as a genetic counselor, but also in my personal life."

As this course is proprietary content of our partner CCL, no CEUs through NSGC will be provided.  
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