Getting Recertified

Getting Recertified

Get recertifiedCOVID-19 UPDATE: ABGC is not extending  recertification deadlines. We believe the validity and significance of the certification is more important than ever, and encourage renewal candidates to assess how many CEUs they have accumulated to date and how many more are needed before the end of the year. The National Society of Genetic Counselors has a wealth of online CEU options currently available with a significant number of CEUs offered upon completion. The ABGC Board will continue to monitor issues around certification and recertification during these unprecedented times. 


Recertification demonstrates a commitment to maintaining the standard of ethical and competent practice set by the profession, and is significant for licensing, professional advancement, hospital credentialing and privileging and insurance reimbursement. ABGC implemented a mandatory recertification requirement for any Diplomate certified in 1996 or later.

Diplomates may recertify by examination or by participation in appropriate continuing education activities. If a Diplomate chooses to recertify by examination, she or he should follow the application guidelines and eligibility requirements included in the Examination Bulletin.

Each Diplomate is responsible for:

  • Applying for recertification within the allotted time frame
  • Creating and updating the contact information on her/his ABGC Portal profile
  • Keeping current with ABGC news, information, policy, rules and regulations 

Newly certified Diplomates can start earning CEUs towards recertification as soon as the month after they have successfully completed the examination. To check your current recertification cycle eligibility period, log in to your Certification Renewal portal and click on “Recertify” in the upper right.

Retired Professional Activity Credits (PACS)
As part of evaluating the continuing education activities used for recertification, the ABGC Board of Directors issued Standards and Guidelines for CEUs and CEU providers. As a continuation of this activity, the Board reviewed the approved Professional Activity Credits (PACs) to ensure that what is accepted by ABGC falls within these new guidelines.
Based on this analysis, several of the existing PACs do not meet the new CEU Standards and Guidelines. Therefore, the Board made the decision to retire these PAC activities. This decision is effective as of December 31, 2019. Therefore, the deadline to use any retiring PAC was 12/31/2019.  Please plan now for replacing any of the anticipated credits earned from these activities after 12/31/2019.   

As part of this analysis, it was determined that graduate coursework and case conference/peer supervision groups (now retired PAC activities) would qualify as a Category 2 CEU. Additional information about these retired PACs is noted in the Retired PAC Table

For more information on the PACs that will continue to be accepted for recertification, please see the Approved PAC Table. More information on the PACs that have been retired can be found in the Retired PAC Table.

Resources and Information

  • Time Limited Certification Information
  • Voluntary Recertification
  • Approved Professional Activity Credits
  • Retired (12/2019) Professional Activity Credits
  • CEU Information
  • CEU Standards & Guidelines

    Information about CEUs

    The American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) views continuing education (CE) as essential to maintaining and increasing a genetic counselor’s knowledge and skills in a rapidly evolving field. As such, the ABGC Board of Directors charged a CEU (continuing education units) Taskforce to explore options for ensuring that CE was appropriate for certified genetic counselors (CGC®) to use for recertification by the ABGC.

    The CEU Taskforce has developed a minimum set of standards for CEU activities that ensure approved activities reflect the profession’s current needs and promote high quality genetic counseling services. Furthermore, NSGC--as a CEU Provider--has created guidelines to assist Program Planners with the development of CEU-eligible activities. If you are interested in applying for Category 1 or Category 2 CEUs for an educational activity please find additional information on the NSGC website.

  • CEU Recertification Requirements 

    What are the CEU requirements for recertification?

    Diplomates recertifying through continuing education must collect the required number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) during their certification period. Those in a five-year cycle must collect 12.5 CEUs/PACs.

    To determine when your current cycle begins and ends, and to record and track your CEUs/PACs, please log in to the online recertification system at the ABGC Portal.

  • Certification Timeline

    When does my next certification cycle take effect

    A new certificate will be effective from January 1st of the year following current certification expiration. For example, a Diplomate with a time-limited certification expiring December 31, 2018, who has met all of the recertification requirements in 2018, will receive a new certificate effective January 1, 2019 and expiring five years later on December 31, 2024.

  • Certification Maintenance Fees

    Certification Maintenance Fees

    ABGC bills all diplomates an annual certification maintenance fee (CMF) at the end of January each year for the current year. The CMF can be paid upon receipt of the invoice or it can be paid at the time of recertification. However, if the CMF is paid at the time of recertification, the diplomate pays the current rate for all past year’s due.

  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Complaint Policy