2022 Call for ABGC Volunteers

 ABGC-Volunteer-Faces-Graphic.JPGABGC seeks your time, talent, and expertise! JOIN US...
Volunteers are at the lifeblood of ABGC’s work in fulfilling our mission and goals. It is the experience, specialized knowledge, and commitment of ABGC’s diplomates who make it all happen. We welcome and encourage volunteers with varied perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, talents and interests.
We strive to provide role variety, offering a diverse range of volunteering opportunities, such as high- and low-time commitment and roles requiring different skill sets.
Why Volunteer with ABGC?

  • Volunteers play an integral role in the day-to-day activities of ABGC and contribute to the decision-making process that helps shape the Board.
  • Volunteers make connections with other volunteers and leaders in the profession, creating a powerful professional network.
  • Volunteerism adds leadership experience, service recognition and professional development to your career.
  • Be an active part in achieving the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan.

The deadline for submitting your application is Friday, December 31, 2021.
  • Must be ABGC certified.
  • Must sign a Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality agreement.
  • Some committees and taskforces will have additional professional qualification and requirements.

Opportunities to Volunteer
ABGC active committees and task forces include the following. Committee members are sought for the following committees in 2022:

  • Disciplinary Review Committee (DRC): 2-year term, effective in January, meets on an as needed basis via conference calls. Charge: The Disciplinary Review Committee (DRC) shall review matters and take such actions as outlined in the ABGC Policy and Procedures for Disciplinary Review and Appeal.
  • Media and Communications Committee (MarCom): 1-year term, effective in January, works throughout the year via bi-monthly conference calls. Abbreviated Charge: The purpose of the Media and Communications Committee is to work with the ABGC Communications staff to provide subject matter expertise to execute a marketing and communications plan that includes social media, website, media interviews, and publications.  Activities and responsibilities of committee members include reviewing staff-authored content, author content as needed, curating content from other related sources, being active on social media, being available for media interviews, providing review and input for other creative projects as needed, and with direction of Communications’ staff supporting and reacting to current news on an as needed basis which may need immediate response.
  • Nominating Committee (NC): 1-year term, effective in January, works throughout March-September via monthly conference calls. Charge:  The charge of the Nominations Committee is to identify a slate of qualified candidates for election to the ABGC Board of Directors.
  • Research Committee (RC): 3-year term, effective in January, will work via monthly conference calls and as needed during application review period in late summer/early fall. Abbreviated Charge: Support the conduct, dissemination, and use of research to enhance the genetic counseling profession in alignment with the ABGC strategic plan. This is through activities such as developing an annual research/assessment agenda, establishing a funding budget/program for research, funding research and assessment projects, approving and monitoring grans, promoting research agenda throughout the genetic counseling community, promoting existing research, and process evaluation.

Please note that Item Writers and CEC members are included in a separate Call for Volunteers each spring.
How to Apply
Click here to access the 2022 ABGC Volunteer Application.  We will be in touch in early 2022 with outcomes and assignments.
We hope you will take the time to review the opportunities for volunteer participation and that you will discover a way to become more involved in ABGC.

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2022 ABGC Volunteer Application