2021 Call for Nominations for ABGC Board of Directors 

Are you a genetic counselor who is ready to take on a leadership position that ‎directly impacts our profession? ‎
The American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) is seeking to identify board-certified counselors who can ‎serve on ABGC’s Board of Directors. Eligible nominees must be board certified for a minimum of five (5) years. ‎
The Board is seeking one individual who is:‎

  • Change agent who will critically think about issues/processes and promote improved organizational ‎effectiveness of ABGC ‎
  • Strong and diplomatic communicator who can speak to all audiences effectively and communicate ‎dissenting views appropriately within a team setting ‎
  • Thoughtful visionary with a broad perspective of both short- and long-term goals for ABGC and the ‎genetic counseling profession
  • Innovative thinker, able to analyze an issue from multiple viewpoints and design solutions that ‎maximize benefits to the genetic counseling profession

In addition, the Board desires someone who has leadership experience in the profession or leadership ‎contributions in other venues or communities. Experiences with strategic initiatives, leading teams and/or ‎innovative contribution to the GC profession are preferred. ‎
All nominees are asked to complete and submit the Personal Statement Form, curriculum vitae ‎‎(CV) and a high-resolution color photo to the Executive Office. For detailed information on Board eligibility, composition and more, please review the ABGC Bylaws, ARTICLE IV
Please submit the ‎documents by Friday, June 18, 2021.
A slate of candidates will be chosen by the Nominating Committee to present to Diplomates for election. ‎The election will take place in August 2021 for the open position with a four-year term to begin January 1, 2022.‎

To submit a nomination, send the name of a potential candidate to Michelle Cunningham, ABGC ‎Associate Executive Director (email: [email protected]). If nominating yourself, complete the Personal ‎Statement Form. ‎

Contact Kate Wilson (email: [email protected]) with questions about serving on the ‎ABGC Board of Directors.‎

Thank you for your time and consideration.
2021 ABGC Nominating Committee:

  • Vivian Pan, Chair
  • Kate Wilson, Board Liaison
  • Sawona Biswas
  • Terri Blase
  • ‎Christine Delaney
  • Juliann McConnell

Our general call for volunteers is closed for 2021.

Are you a certified genetic counselor looking for a volunteer opportunity that directly impacts your profession? Committees and task forces are the workforce of ABGC. As such, we are always looking for ways in which we can involve Diplomates in helping the organization achieve its mission and strategic goals. ABGC encourages you to become involved and help move the genetic counseling profession forward. Members may volunteer for the following committees:

The 2022 call for volunteers will open in October 2021.
Contact [email protected] with questions about serving on an ABGC Committee.

Volunteer Requirements Policy

Diplomates serving on ABGC committees must:

  • Be ABGC certified and up to date on certification maintenance fees
  • Sign Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality agreements

Diplomates nominated to the ABGC Board of Directors must:

  • Be certified and up to date on certification maintenance fees
  • Have a minimum of five years of professional practice experience after graduation from an ACGC-accredited genetic counseling training program; and
  • Sign Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality agreements

Important Documents

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