Newly Certified Genetic Counselors

Welcome to ABGC!

Congratulations on earning the CGC® credential! I am excited to welcome you as a new Diplomate and as part of the ABGC community.

The ABGC community includes a multi-layered approach at increasing the awareness and value of the CGC® credential both internally and externally. Being a Diplomate is more than a single point of interaction in sitting for and passing an examination. ABGC's strategic goals are designed by the Board to elevate the credential so that Diplomates benefit from a widely recognized credential regardless of practice area or role. 

The Board is currently working on many initiatives along with committees and task forces. As part of the ABGC community, there are many ways in which you can get involved. We do more than just writing exam questions! As a newly certified genetic counselor, you may start volunteering now or preparing for future roles as you gain experience, but I would encourage you to volunteer for a committee or task force early in your career. My experience in serving ABGC as a volunteer has been a wonderful one that has not only allowed me to contribute my ideas and skills, but has also taught me many new professional skills that I use every day.

On this page you will find the immediate resources you may need to help you start out in your professional career. However, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

The CGC designation represents competence across a broad scope of the genetic counseling practice. Being a CGC is an abiding commitment to ethical practice and staying current in genetic counseling knowledge, judgment, and analytic skills through lifelong learning. These words embody what it means to be a Certified Genetic Counselor and I look forward to many years of professional development and camaraderie with my fellow Diplomates!
- Ana Morales, 2019 President


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  • Stay Connected with ABGC

    Stay Connected with ABGC

    Don’t wait until recertification to be in touch again! Below are the many ways in which you can stay connected:


    Annual Business Meeting

    You can meet us in person at the ABGC Business Meeting, during which your ABGC President will provide financial reports, accomplishments, exam updates, and board initiatives. This meeting is held at the annual National Society of Genetic Counselors Annual Conference. This meeting is open for everyone attending the conference. You can find the date and time on the Annual Conference Program.

    • E-blasts

      If you included your email in your profile, you will receive timely news and updates, as well as a quarterly digital newsletter highlighting items of note for ABGC.

    • Social Media
    • You can also connect with us on social media and engage with us to help share content that helps educate others about the meaning and value of being a CGC.