Practice Standards

Practice Standards

Practice standardsThe profession developed a set of competencies for all practitioners that encompasses five different domains: Genetics Expertise and Analysis; Interpersonal, Psychosocial and Counseling Skills; Education; and Professional Development and Practice. The Practice Based Competencies for Genetic Counselors provides guidance for the training of genetic counselors and an assessment of competency for practicing genetic counselors.

Additionally, Diplomates must adhere to ABGC’s policies and procedures in order to maintain an active Certified Genetic Counselor (CGC®) credential. As part of certification and recertification, Diplomates must also be aware of and practice in accordance with the National Society of Genetic Counselor’s Code of Ethics, Canadian Association of Genetic Counseling’s Code of Ethics or, if practicing abroad, other internationally recognized genetic counseling bodies’ codes of professional conduct.

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ABGC Policies

  • Trademark Policy

    Trademark Policy

    ABGC has the responsibility to protect its federal trademarks from infringement by unauthorized parties. The federal trademark registrations owned by the ABGC include its corporate logo and the designation CGC®. ABGC works with patent and trademark attorneys to ensure that only those who have passed the ABGC examination have the right to use the trademark designations, adding to the meaning and value of the CGC® designation. Diplomates who meet ABGC’s requirements for recertification are authorized to continue to use the credential. Individuals who allow their ABGC certification to expire may not use the CGC® credential nor may they hold themselves out to be an ABGC certified genetic counselor.

  • Standard for the Designation of Certified Genetic Counselor (CGC)

    Standard for the designation of Certified Genetic Counselor (CGC)

    ABGC is issuing guidance on how to list one’s certification in response to requests from Diplomates and to allow our clients to clearly and quickly identify the individuals who have achieved certification. ABGC seeks to ensure the continued value and meaning of its registered certification mark.

    Individuals who have successfully completed the ABGC certification examination may call themselves a Certified Genetic Counselor and are required to designate this certification as CGC unless otherwise mandated by state legislation. Any variation of the mark is a deviation from this standard.

    ABGC values and supports the client and title protection provided by state licensure. Should you need to indicate certification and licensure in your signature, ABGC recommends that you do so as follows:

    Jane Doe, MS, CGC
    Licensed, Certified Genetic Counselor

  • Standard Operating Procedure Manual
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Complaint Policy
  • Practice Analysis Information

    Practice Analysis Information

    A practice analysis (also called job analysis) describes the job responsibilities of people employed at the entry level of the profession. That information helps identify the knowledge and skills required to effectively carry out the responsibilities of a particular position. The purpose of these studies is to describe the job activities of a Genetic Counselor in sufficient detail to provide a basis for the development of a professional, job-related certification examination. From this process, ABGC approves the Detailed Content Outline for the CGC® examination. ABGC conducts a practice analysis approximately every five years.

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