Research & Resources

Research and Resources

Research & Resources

ABGC is a leading organization in the profession of genetic counseling. Its Board of Directors continues to develop strategic initiatives that provide research and resources for use by certified genetic counselors in every day practice. 

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ABGC Research Grant

Third Annual Request for Applications for ABGC Research Grant Funding


In 2018, the ABGC Board of Directors constituted a Research Committee to support research to enhance the genetic counseling profession in alignment with ABGC’s strategic plan. Over the last three years, we have received numerous high-quality applications and have provided funding of $30,000 to two successful projects, to date. 

The submission period as ended for this cycle. The Fourth Annual Request for Applications will open in Spring 2022. 

The Board of Directors would like to thank the Research Committee members:
Erin Carmany, MS, CGC®, Chair
Bronson Riley, MS, CGC®, ABGC Board Liaison
Alexis Carere, MS, CGC®
Yue Guan, PhD, CGC®
Cindy James, PhD, CGC®
Sarah Kalia, MS, CGC®
Raluca Kurz, PhD, MS, CGC®
Kristy Lee, MS, CGC®
Laura E. Mitchell, PhD, CGC®
Andrea Shugar, MS, CGC®