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Research and Resources

Research & resources

ABGC is a leading organization in the profession of genetic counseling. The Board continues to develop strategic initiatives that provide research and resources for use by certified genetic counselors in every day practice. 

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ABGC Research Grant - Current Application Period Has Closed

We will open a new application period post award for the current period.

ABGC proudly announces the inaugural Request for Applications for Research Grant Funding.

In 2018 the ABGC Board of Directors constituted a Research Committee to finalize processes to support the conduct, dissemination, and use of research to enhance the genetic counseling profession in alignment with ABGC's strategic plan.

Today, we are launching our first Request for Applications (RFA) for grant funding. ABGC will award up to $30,000 in research funding in this cycle. In particular, ABGC is interested in funding research studies that investigate and/or establish best practices for genetic counseling in the rapidly changing genetics / genomics milieu. Study proposals should include primary data collection (or novel, secondary use of previously collected data) and analysis plans designed to inform genetic counseling outcomes and/or services.
Application materials and more information can be found here. Applications are due September 2, 2019.

The Board of Directors would like to thank the Research Committee members:

Melanie Myers, PhD, CGC, Chair
Adam Buchanan, MS, MPH, CGC, ABGC Board Liaison
Alexis Carere, ScD, MS, CGC/CCGC
Erin Carmany, MS, CGC
Yue Guan, PhD, CGC
Cindy James, PhD, CGC
Andrea Shugar, MS, CGC
Heather Zierhut, PhD, CGC