Latest Research

Latest Research

ABGC launched its Research Committee in May 2017, to support the conduct, dissemination and research to enhance the genetic counseling profession in alignment with the ABGC strategic plan.

Research Committee Members

  • Chair, Melanie Myers
  • Board Liaison, Adam Buchanan
  • Alexis Carere
  • Laura Conway
  • Yue Guan
  • Cynthia James
  • Andrea Shugar
  • Heather Zierhut

The Genetic Counselor Workforce Working Group

The Genetic Counselor Workforce Working Group (WFWG) is an inter-organizational group of genetic counselors charged with identifying barriers to growth of the genetic counselor workforce and developing recommendations for strategies to remove or overcome those barriers.

The WFWG is comprised of representatives from the following genetic counseling organizations: Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC), American Board of Genetic Counselors (ABGC), American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG), Association of Genetic Counseling Program Directors (AGCPD), and National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC).

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In early 2016 the WFWG commissioned Dobson l DaVanzo & Associates, LLC to conduct a workforce supply and demand study of United States-based certified genetic counselors over the next decade (2017-2026). As a benefit to our Diplomates, the Board of Directors has made the full workforce study report available here (see right column). 

ABGC continues to work to enhance the value of CGC certification and to support the genetic counseling community. 

We encourage you to review the information and contact ABGC at info@abgc.net or the current ABGC President with questions or for further information.

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