Establish standards of competence for certified genetic counselors and advance ‎their value as leaders in precision health to safeguard and serve the public.

Core Purpose

Promote high standards in genetic counseling.

Core Values


Fair and objective decisions, transparency in interactions and accountable stewardship.


Recognition of, and actions taken based on, emerging needs.


Delivering high value to the profession through rigorous evaluation standards.


Assessments without bias, respect for all voices and seeking out diverse perspectives.

2021-2024 Strategic Plan

  1. Increase transparency around, and accessibility to, ABGC's examination by broadening the opportunities for engagement with all Diplomates and supporting a strengthened culture of inclusion, equity and engagement in the profession.
  2. Ensure the CGC designation represents competence across a broad scope of genetic counseling practice and reflects best practices in the initial assessment and continuing competence.
  3. Increase and diversify revenue streams to enhance ABGC's impact by reinvesting in our priorities, inclusive research, DEI initiatives and promoting the role of CGCs across the healthcare continuum.
  4. Expand leadership opportunities for genetic counselors by promoting the expertise and value of certified genetic counselors as essential partners in the development and delivery of precision health.

ABGC Bylaws

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