ABGC is excited to announce the new CGC Practice Exam will be available beginning June 1. The Practice Exam consists of 100 questions that are mapped to the current CGC Content Outline. We are excited to announce a variety of enhancements to the exam and its delivery experience:

  • The exam will be delivered on the same test driver as the CGC exam, providing candidates the opportunity to use the same technology and platform that they will encounter when taking the CGC exam. 
  • While there is no pass/fail on the practice exam, candidates will receive a breakdown of how they performed per subdomain level. 
  • Candidates will be allowed 120 minutes to answer the 100 questions and receive an additional 15 minutes to go back and review any items of their choice.
  • Over 30+ new items were written and approved for the new practice exam.

Purchase the Practice Exam | $55

Practice Exam purchases can be made through the ABGC Portal. Once purchased, your Practice Exam ID is valid for six (6) months and only valid for a single use. 

Whether you are completing payment for a practice exam yourself, or a program director purchasing on someone's behalf, you can view this instruction document on how to purchase your CGC Practice Exam.

We encourage you to review the practice exam system requirements and launch instructions here.

Purchase the CGC Practice Exam